Showcasing design, data vis & infographics in an installation to raise awareness about London's air quality

I worked on a live project for London Design Festival 2017 where a physical installation in a public square in Shoreditch was constructed during the festival to raise awareness about air quality issues in London by displaying real time air quality data. 

In conjunction with Arup & Associates, we measured the main causes of detrimental air pollutants to humans and deployed a number of means including infographics and data visualisation to promote the findings we had collected. These were featured to drive users to the site which was erected in partnership with Arup and Hassell Architects.  The main takeaway from our findings was the sheer variance that taking a less congested route can make in the amount of pollutants you encounter, even within a busy city like London.

We hoped this would encourage users to consider taking a little extra breathing space in their day to benefit their own wellbeing. Visit for more information on London’s air quality

Role: Data Visualisation, Editing, Motion Graphics, User Experience Design