An interactive installation &
campaign for
dementia awareness

In a D&AD brief for Monotype, participants were asked to consider an undervalued or unrepresented group in society and to craft a typography-led campaign to highlight an issue.

Working with Ollie Pearson and Jordan Smith, we created an interactive wall of memories to raise awareness about dementia. 

The installation documented and then generated a typeface which could be used in a number of formats including posters, social media marketing, film, the typeface itself and a pop-up installation which could be rolled out to increase engagement with the cause. 

This project won a D&AD graphite pencil and was featured in the D&AD annual 2017. The project also found wider acclaim at the Communication Arts awards where it was shortlisted in the Best in Typography category.

Role: Concept, Art Direction, Videography, Motion Design, Spatial Design, Copywriting