An AI fuelled campaign helping the public learn about, engage with & lobby for the fair & open use of AI

This project was undertaken in collaboration with Chris Baker, Kendall Slade, Oliver Pearson & Jordan Smith.

It's predicted that by 2030, 800 million people worldwide will lose their jobs to automation. That's more than 1/5 of the global workforce. 

You&Ai is a digital platform that aims to bridge the gap between humans and machines. The platform is made aware to users through an advert aimed at connecting to humans on an emotional level also physical information packs in the work place. 

The digital platform has 4 main feeds: 

Discussions – Allowing users to discuss and pose questions to industry professionals. Encouraging collaboration to help shape the conversation and the future of AI. 

Tutorials – Industry professionals helping people upskill to embrace Ai and work alongside machines.

News – Keeping people up to date with the latest innovations and the hot topics surrounding AI. 

File Sharing – A space for open source code and material to be shared. Encouraging transparency with the technology. It will also allow people to develop alongside AI and ML. 

You&Ai aims to make Artificial Intelligence easier to understand, more accessible and encourages user collaboration to help shape the conversation and the future of AI by putting humans at the center of machine learning. 

Currently there is no regulation of the use of AI in industry, nor practical thought given to its rising impact on our lives. To ensure that everyone has their say on a rapidly changing workplace. We are lobbying AI innovators to discuss the formation of a new ‘digital Geneva convention’ which would ensure transparent and ethical ground rules concerning AI.

Role: Concept, Research, Art Direction, Editing, Sound Design, Copywriting